Introducing the Next Generation Flare™

Developed as a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional flares that are currently used by law enforcement, safety workers, and consumers, the 8” Ultra High-Intensity lightstick with reflective strip and attached wire stand is the new dependable instant light solution.

Government agencies and commercial companies are moving away from incendiary flares because of pollution, fire danger, and liability. Traditional flares burn at extremely high temperatures causing severe burns, ruined uniforms/clothing, and equipment. They contain large amounts of hazardous materials such as sulfur and perchlorates. These hazards create risk for the user, innocent bystanders, and the environment. They are difficult to extinguish and the fumes are offensive and toxic.

Designed to be practical with an “easy to use”,
“easy to maintain”, and “easy to operate” approach, the new
8” Flare Alternative Ultra High-Intensity lightstick has proved useful for safety workers as the Next Generation Flare™.


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